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No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.

Abraham Lincoln

Republicans in Hawaii expect Solutions and Leadership
According to Gallup polling 28% of registered voters in Hawaii identify as Republicans, 22% Independant or other parties and 50% Democrat.   This means the base of the Republican support is a minimum of 146,000 registered voters.
So why is?

  • Primary election participation by Republicans is far below this number.
  • Barely 50% of the eligible voters in Hawaii are registered.

Clearly the GOP voter is not inspired by democrat-lite candidates nor the last minute throw someone into the race approach.   They deserve and expect strategic new policies and articulate, viable candidates.  Hawaii has been stifled by the Democrats endless Pay-2-Play politics and centralized control.

It’s time to change course!

New Republican Party of Hawaii
In the 2020 primary Election 77,100 Republicans voted compared to 303,800 Democrats.  Its obvious there is a tremendous party identification gap that has to change to elect common sense GOP candidates.

How can this be done?

There has to be a New GOP free from the baggage of the Hawaii Republican Party.  A New GOP would have NO connection to the Big Five 50 years of oligarchy and corruption.  It would have NO connection to rejecting the returning American’s of Japanese Ancestry veterans of WW-2.  And, would not be yoked to a headquarters agreement for an office in urban Honolulu sucking up funds and energy needed to prepare and elect GOP candidates statewide.

A New Republican Party of  Hawaii built solely on the eternal values of human freedom, individual liberty and economic growth and prosperity will be able to aggressively build up its membership to seek a peer to peer standing in relation to the Democrat Party of Hawaii.

A Bright Republican Future For Hawaii
Together we can develop an agenda for Broad Based Economic Development

Economic Reform
Uniting the State
COUNTY EMPOWERMENT Innovation & Leadership
ENERGY ABUNDANCE Free Market Energy Policy Hawaiian Empowerment Economic Sovereignty for Native Hawaiians SUSTAINABLE CULTURE Policies That Support Strong Families
New GOP Agenda's
School Choice In Hawaii
Education as a function to be encourage by government reflected the New England sensibilities of many of the signers of the Northwest Ordinance.
Going Big!
Republicanism goes back to the Roman era and signifies the attempt of humanity to have a government that brings out the best in people while seeking to control the worst in human behavior.
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New GOP Hawaii
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The problems of victory are no more agreeable than those of defeat, but they are no less difficult
Winston Churchill